Two great storage ottomans

Well, somehow I am attracted to ottomans these days, I guess. Here are two great options that also offer storage if you need the space. Even if space is not a problem, I like the thought of having a place to tuck a blanket, game, or reading material and not have it all be cluttering your living room.

First up is this wood base ottoman with a textured gray fabric top. This is smaller than a regular ottoman but not quite as small as a tuffet; somewhere inbetween. I think it has a lot of character.  Unfortunately I did not record the price on this one and you can’t see in the picture either, but I don’t think it was more than $40.

Second is this white furry cube. This is much more a traditional size ottoman, and comes with neat storage inside, including pockets all around the perimeter where you can tuck things in. The lid is hinged so it is not going to go flying. You can probably use it as a shoe storage cube too, with the added functionality of being used in a mudroom or entryway as a place to sit while you are putting on shoes. If you are in need of adding a dose of texture or glam to your space, while also having some storage, this would do a great job. I looked online and plan jane fabric storage ottomans without the fur go for about $96 on Amazon. This was $60 at HomeGoods, a great value.

If you liked this post or the pieces in it, let me know. Also if you are in the market for a type of furniture or other household item or gift item, give me feedback on what it is and I can go treasure hunting and do a post on that type of item. Cheers!

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