Decorating for the season-Part 2

We are continuing with a selection of items that say holidays without being in your face about it. If you are tired of the red-and-green color scheme, read on, and let me know what you think.

Here is a wreath you can definitely use from now until the first signs of thaw in the spring. The unexpected fur adds so much texture and character to your front door, and considering it is the first thing your guests will see, it sets the tone. $30 is not bad for a reusable wreath either, considering most go for a lot more, and some of those will last you one season if you are lucky. This could also be a great host(ess) gift that will be appreciated by the giftee since it’s immediately usable, and reusable down the road too. 

While it is not a creative breakthrough to use these old-fashioned snowshoes to decorate your home for the winter, you instantly get a mental picture of snow, nature, rustic, family, outdoors… am I right? Nothing red or green about it, and they look pretty authentic too. There was only one pair for sale. At $100, they are a little pricey, but given the authentic looks and the fact that you can use these year after year, not a bad buy at all.

And finally, there were some very adorable stockings at my local HomeGoods. Yes, there is some red and green here, but not the typical kind you would expect. If you are looking to add some different textures to your space, the white fur one is great. The white one with the flowers is also cute; made of a felt-like material. I loved the Black Watch tartan one a lot. Did you know this blue-green-black tartan design dates back to 1725? It is on the Scottish Register of Tartans. These stockings were priced at between $10-13 at HomeGoods.

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