Of airfoils and windmills

Hello again after a long break, and happy new year everyone! May 2019 bring health and happiness to all.

I have been offline for a bit, as the wholesale takeover of retail stores by holiday paraphernalia becomes old very quickly, and I’ve been waiting for that to clear out a bit. That is finally starting to happen, although discount and clearance racks still have a ton of holiday stuff, and the restocking with fresh items is a slow process. It is a great time of year to buy holiday items though, especially basics that you know you will use year after year.

Well, good to be back. Today’s post, through no fault of my own, features aeronautical accessories. I don’t know why my local TJMaxx all of a sudden started carrying such stuff, and I see no obvious link to the season, but I thought a couple of things I will highlight below were very cute.

First up is this tabletop accessory that looks like an airfoil, or rotor blade. I think this would go really well on top of a mantle or other surface, especially in an eclectic or better yet, industrial decor. It is not very big, maybe a 18 inches square, roughly, and marked for $13.

And secondly, this cool little thing that was put on clearance! It is meant to be hung on a wall, but can easily be stood against something too. You can probably tell that it is not three dimensional, but not completely flat either. It is about three feet tall, and maybe 18-20 inches across. The corrugated steel is a nice touch. This would be so cute in an industrial farmhouse type decor, or anything eclectic. It was marked down to $20.

So there it is. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

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