Portable butcher block kitchen island

Every now and then, I’ll go outside of the usual price range I look at and highlight something extraordinarily well-made. On an absolute level the price tag may be expensive, but considering the beauty and quality, it will still be an ‘inspired bargain’. Here is one such piece: a gorgeous, portable, end-grain butcher block kitchen island, made by John Boos. If you know the brand, you know how substantial their products are. My guess is the wood is maple. The legs are finished in black but the other surfaces are stained a walnut color. Unusually, even the shelf below is a solid piece of wood, whereas most models currently on the Boos website have either slats or a stainless steel shelf, which are probably both less expensive options. This piece is probably heirloom-quality with the proper care. It is a good-sized island, probably about 3 feet wide and 18-20 inches deep. That said, I was still surprised at the price tag given this was a HomeGoods store. It is possible the price comes down over time, unless it’s snatched up by someone who appreciates the quality. UPDATE: As of today it has indeed been snatched up.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. Cheers!

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